Lobster Pot Summary

The Shelburne County Lobster Pot is a weekly 50/50 toonie lottery. Players complete a registration and are assigned a number; this number will remain registered unless the player requests that it be removed.

To play each week, the player visits a collection site and places a toonie (with their registered number attached) in a collection box. Players can also pre-pay to be entered automatically for a set number of weeks. Each number can only be played once per week, though players can have multiple registered numbers.

Extra toonies played (aside from money submitted in a sealed envelope by mail or in a collection box, and clearly marked with name and play number, as per posted rules) will be logged as donations.*

Each Tuesday, our team will draw one number from all of the registered numbers. If the drawn number was played that week, that player will win 50% of that week's collected "pot", with the remainder divided (after expenses) among the non-profits this lottery benefits. If the drawn number is not expired but was NOT played that week, the pot will be rolled over into the next week. (If the drawn number is expired, a new number will be drawn.)

The winning number and the pot (or rollover) is announced weekly by email and Facebook. Winners will be contacted by phone.

More detailed information on registration, weekly play, and pre-pay options can be found below.

If a new player plays multiple (2+) extra toonies for more than one consecutive week (indicating that they have misunderstood the lottery rules) a committee member may as a courtesy attempt to contact the player to a) Explain the rules (1 play per number per week), b) explain the proper procedures for prepaying for multiple weeks, and c) offer to credit the amount paid the last over-played week as a preplay for upcoming weeks.


Weekly Play

Pre-Pay/Automatic Play

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